Russia's state news agency Ria Novosti has released new archival documents and allegations based on previously secret Soviet documents recently released by the Russian security service.

The new article is a continuation of the Russian Security Service's previous allegations concerning the alleged "genocide" of Finland in East Karelia and various atrocities in civilian and prisoner-of-war camps.

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This time, the new Russian allegations concern the time of the siege of Leningrad and the atrocities that the Finns are said to have committed alongside the Germans.

The strongest claim about Finland is related to the bombing of villages off Leningrad during the Continuation War in 1941-44.

According to Ria Novost, Finns committed "horrific atrocities against the civilian population". According to the news agency, the decrypted Soviet documents reveal how Finnish soldiers destroyed the civilian population in the villages of Parkala, or Pargolovo district, in the Leningrad region south of Karelia.

According to Ria Novost, there were no military targets or industry in those villages, so artillery and airstrikes were directed exclusively at civilians - that is, against women, children and the elderly who remained in the villages.

- Finnish occupiers destroyed small children with polished sadism - toys were used for that purpose, the story goes.

Finnish researchers do not find Russia's toy bomb claim credible at any level. The picture shows a bomb machine for a flight during the Continuation War.

Photo: SA photo / Johansen

According to the news agency, the information in the article is based on internal “special messages” from the Soviet Security Service and the Ministry of the Interior. According to the article, one such special message reads as follows:

- The Finnish villains were not content with artillery bombings and air bombings, but resorted to vicious atrocities by dropping children's toys filled with explosives from planes.

- When the children lifted the toys off the ground, the explosion happened at that moment. As a result of the explosions, children died, were injured or were left with limb fractures, Ria Novosti writes.

IS was in contact with several Finnish researchers and archivists familiar with the history of the Continuation War, none of whom considered the new Russian claim possible or credible at any level.

Pekka Kauppala, a docent in Russian and Eastern European studies at the University of Helsinki, estimates that the “toy bombs” are probably based on an argument developed for Soviet war propaganda, which has now been raised as if to reflect reality.

- The argument is completely absurd. No fascist or other system has the time or afford to make bombing flights during the war just because of sadism, Kauppala told IS.

Logically, the manufacture of explosive bombs hidden in toys would also have required considerable time and know-how with the technology of the Continuation War in terms of how they could have been dropped from their air and exploded only at the moment when an unsuspecting child picks them up.

- It would have been insane effort and the Finns had no reason to carry out bombing flights against small children. Not extremely dangerous and expensive bombing flights would be sacrificed to satisfy special sadistic desires, Kauppala pointed out.

The original caption of the SA image reads, "The bomber is preparing for the journey."

Photo: SA image / Sot.virk. P. Jänis

Kauppala also drew attention to the fact that the scanned copies of the archival documents attached to Ria Novost's article do not show this toy claim related to Finns at all. The exact time of the events is also not mentioned.

The same news agency article also lists a number of atrocities allegedly perpetrated by the Germans, with scanned copies attached. Hurji 's account of the Germans in the article concerns the alleged poisoning and burial of 850 patients at a mental hospital near Hatsina in the nearby village of Rutshi in November 1941.

- It seems that the Finns now want to be united alongside the Germans as perpetrators of atrocities. In the case of the Germans, however, it is known at least that they killed the mentally ill in their own country, even though I cannot take a more specific position on that particular report, Kauppala said.

According to Kauppala, the Russians seem to have had difficulty finding horror stories related to Finns, even on the basis of distorted documents, precisely in the Leningrad region, which is the subject of a new revelation article.

There was no Finnish occupation regime in the Leningrad region, and Finland specifically kept its distance from the Germans.

- Apparently, in the case of Finns, no imaginative document has been found to be attached to the article, so that toy claim has only been thrown into the rest of the article text.

Kauppala estimates that the archival revelation campaign launched by the Russian security service is directed against the entire European Union and thus in no way specifically against Finland. In Kauppala's assessment, this is, as it were, a "pre-emptive retaliation" aimed at silencing the demands for an investigation into the atrocities committed by Josif Stalin.

Antero Uitto and Carl-Fredrik Geust present their book on the Mannerheim line.

Photo: Tuomas Selänne

Researchers Ossi Kamppinen, Lars Westerlund, Antero Uitto, Carl-Fredrik Geust and Pauli Kruhse also consider the toy bomb claim against Finland to be unbelievable and untrue.

Kamppinen estimates that if something like this had really happened, the matter would have come up with the utmost certainty long ago. According to Westerlund, a toy claim must be “either a misunderstanding or an exaggeration”.

Uitto and Geust have also never come across any archival information that would have suggested dropping explosives disguised as toys from airplanes. Kruhse, for his part, sees the claim as “completely huh”.

- The claim about explosive toys is a complete impossibility, no Finn would go for one. And if it had left, so many people would have been involved that it would by no means remain or have remained a secret, Kruhse said.