May 29, 2020 The Court of Appeal of Rome has confirmed the confiscation of assets for a total value of over 22 million euros against the entrepreneur Vincenzo Zangrillo, believed to be close to the Casalesi clan.

This was announced in a statement that explains: in March 2018, the Prevention Measures Section of the Latina court, having accepted the proposal of the director of the Dia, had already confiscated his assets in the provinces of Latina, Frosinone, Naples and Isernia, and provided to subject it also to the measure of the special surveillance of PS for three years. With a past as a coachbuilder, over the years, Zangrillo has experienced a sudden and unjustified economic expansion, establishing itself as an entrepreneur in various commercial spheres, becoming the owner, directly and / or indirectly, of numerous companies operating in the freight transport sectors on the road, wholesale, waste disposal, real estate leasing and car trade. 

The investigations of the Dia, the press release continues, have shown the link between the expansion of his
individual and entrepreneurial assets (in the face of income declared to the tax authorities clearly lower than the real economic capacities) and the illegal activities he committed during the years, among which the international traffic of drugs and illicit waste stand out, as well as the criminal association, the recycling and the international traffic of motor vehicles, crimes for which he also appears to
have been arrested.

The fourth section of the Court of Appeal of Rome, after making use of the decision of an external technical consultant (procedure already adopted by the court at first instance), recently rejected the defense's appeal, confirming the result of the patrimonial investigations carried out from the Dia and therefore the confiscation of the Zangrillo estate, to which the special surveillance was reduced from three to two years.

Among the assets covered by the provision stand out over 200 vehicles (articulated lorries, cars, motorcycles, vans), 150 properties (homes, offices, factories and warehouses), 21 hectares of land located in the provinces of Latina and Frosinone, 6 companies, 21 accounts current and banking relationships of various kinds, for a total value of over 22 million euros.