In February, the Swedish Democrats were the largest party in the SVT / Novus party sympathy survey, with 23.9 percent of voter support. Now the party holds a third place with 18 percent.

Jimmie Åkesson, party leader of the Swedish Democrats, explains the loss in SVT's morning studio:

- Corona, we see the same effect across Europe, that government parties are increasing in this time of crisis we are in. Other parties are a little worse for it. Still, I think we've done relatively well.

Lack of conflict

Jimmie Åkesson says that the level of conflict in Swedish politics is currently low due to the current crisis. Otherwise, current issues have been put aside in favor of dealing with the ongoing pandemic.

- You agree, the political debate is rather weak, low level of conflict and such. Then it is difficult for opposition parties, he says, and continues:

- I think we are disadvantaged in such crises.

"Don't fly" to criticize the government

When asked whether the Swedish Democrats could act differently during the crisis in order to retain voter support, Jimmie Åkesson responds that it is difficult to know how to deal with the unique situation that the corona epidemic entails.

- There is no political conflict, it has more or less been bail peace for four months now. It is a difficult balancing act. Nobody knows what is right or wrong, we have tried to criticize the government, but right now it does not fly. Sweden joins together and it is basically good, says Jimmie Åkesson.

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