The Executive Director of the Development and Social Welfare Sector of the Community Development Authority in Dubai, Hariz Al-Murr Bin Hariz, confirmed that one of the senior citizens in Dubai was subjected to an emergency and requested assistance through the alarm system installed in the homes of senior citizens who live alone during the period of home quarantine, which applied a commitment Implement preventive plans to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Huriz told «Emirates Today» that one case used the system during the past two months, attributing the reason to the failure of the authority to stop visiting senior citizens alone to check on them, ensure their safety and provide their needs, in addition to continuing daily phone contact with them by the responsible officials of the authority About the service, and immediate coordination with the person in charge of caring for the person in case he needs any help or service of any kind.

The Community Development Authority in Dubai launched a "warning" system in 2015 in cooperation with the Dubai Police and the Dubai Ambulance Services Corporation. The system consists of a technology developed by the General Department for Smart Services in Dubai Police, which provides a rapid response to any expected danger that may threaten the life or security of senior citizens in the Emirate of Dubai .

The elderly relief system is characterized by smart technology by relying on specific alarms that are controlled remotely by buttons that are fixed on a tape that an elderly person puts on his wrist, or on the wall of the room so that he can press the desired button quickly once he senses any danger or health exhibitor.

Huriz said that the number of beneficiaries from the service reached 76 senior citizens registered with the Community Development Authority in the "and Lev" home care program, during the past five years.

Hurayz pointed out that the system is linked to the alarm devices of the Dubai Police Operations Room, which classifies them as cases for senior citizens, allowing use by senior citizens or their caretakers when emergency situations occur, to request assistance in a very easy and fast way, by just pressing the button, for a car to be present To the police and an ambulance in record time at an elderly home.

It is noteworthy that the Community Development Authority in Dubai has strengthened the system of care services for senior citizens residing in their homes on their own with a team of volunteers formed in 2018, called it “Volunteer Program”, with the aim of not making the visit to the elderly confined to the senior citizens ’management team and the authority’s employees, and providing an opportunity to enable Senior citizens integrate with the rest of society.

Caring for senior citizens

The “Home’s Care” program launched by the authority in 2013 works to care and improve the quality of life for senior citizens of Dubai, who live alone because of the lack of children or relatives of the first degree to take care of them.

The program provides a set of care services needed for them in their homes, through social workers and care personnel trained to care and care for them, in accordance with best practices, to ensure respect for their dignity and independence.


A case that benefited from the immediate warning system for senior citizens within 5 years.

The system is a technology that provides a rapid response to any danger that may threaten the life or security of senior citizens.

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