The mask will continue to be mandatory in public transport in Ile-de-France. - CELINE BREGAND / SIPA

Passenger traffic should gradually increase in public transport in the Paris region. "I believe it is possible, in light of what the Prime Minister told me, but we still have to work together, to soften the rules of physical distancing that were imposed on us during these three weeks, perhaps even to delete, ”said TF1 Valérie Pécresse, president of Ile-de-France Mobilités, after the presentation by Edouard Philippe of phase 2 of the deconfinement.

She indicates that discussions with the government will begin this evening on the issue of physical distancing. "The only thing, warns Valérie Pécresse, partly to the address of Edouard Philippe, is that if we maintain the rules of physical distance, even if they are lightened, we will only be able to transport 2.5 million people against 5 million before the epidemic. "

Probable continuation of the employer certificate

In any case, "if we maintain physical distance, we must maintain the employer certificate," says Valérie Pécresse. Similarly, "there is a certainty that the wearing of the mandatory mask will remain, until the end of the epidemic".

Finally, the president of Ile-de-France Mobilités calls Ile-de-France residents to continue teleworking "to the maximum, because teleworking and smoothing peak hours, it allows to have fewer people in public transport, it reassures everyone and it puts you in safety. "


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