17-year-old Wilma Andersson disappeared in November last year. Now her boyfriend stands accused of having murdered her.

On Thursday, Wilma's parents talked about her daughter and the last time. Wilma's mother described that the man at the age of 20 must have been controlling in the relationship. But lately, Wilma changed and she ended the relationship. Something he didn't want.

"He broke down and begged and begged her not to leave him," Wilma's mother said.

That Wilma nevertheless decided to end the relationship during the fall describes the mother as a positive change.

- It felt like she had lifted herself.

Looked in the apartment

November 14 was the last time anyone saw Wilma alive. Two days later, the parents suspected that everything was not right. They went home to the boyfriend and looked for their daughter.

- I called and texted and I immediately felt something was wrong. That's not true, it's a huge mistake, Wilma's mother told her when she visited the apartment.

They also met the suspected murderer, who explained that Wilma had left the apartment after a brawl. But they felt that his story was not true because several of Wilma's belongings remained. Among other things, her keys and makeup.

- Nothing was right, they had a white shower curtain that was gone. It was strange because it wasn't that old, Wilma's mother said.

It sometimes became emotional in the security hall of Uddevalla District Court. The parents described the situation as "as dark as it can get" and described life as a "chaos".

"We still can't even bury our daughter because we haven't found her all," said the mother.

Denies crime

The ex-boyfriend is charged with having murdered Wilma on Thursday, November 14, he must then - according to the prosecutor - have disposed of parts of the body.

He has constantly denied that he has anything to do with Wilma's disappearance or death. In an interview with police, he has stated that the last time they were seen was on November 14 when she left the apartment after a brawl.

According to the defense lawyer, there are large gaps in the prosecutor's description. Among other things, the lawyer believes that the ex-boyfriend was not home when a witness must have heard screams in the apartment.

- It means that you have to have an incredibly open mind here and accept alternative explanations. We can't rule out anything, Beatrice Rämsell said.

Here is a recount of the lawyer's defense figures on Wednesday:

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Beatrice Rämsell, lawyer. Photo: TT / Advokatbyrån Rämsell