• 'Villarejo case'. The former adviser to Podemos declares that Pablo Iglesias returned the already destroyed mobile card with months of delay
  • Statement. The former 'number two' of the Government's Communication acknowledges the judge who provided churches with personal information to Villarejo
  • Espionage: the 'Villarejo case' focuses the Podemos piece only on the theft of the mobile
  • Commissioner Villarejo acknowledges to the judge that the Police was investigating Pablo Iglesias and admits that he had information

Total version change. The former adviser to Pablo Iglesias , Dina Bousselham , has sent this Thursday a letter to the National Court where she maintains that when the Vice President of the Government gave her the memory card of her stolen mobile phone, it was not destroyed, as she assured a few days before Judge Manuel García Castellón and the Anticorruption prosecutors in the Villarejo case.

Bousselham now tells the instructor, in a letter to which EL MUNDO has had access, that "regarding the merited Samsung 32 card, in which files were originally contained in my mobile phone and that I contributed to the court in its day, I must say that initially when it was delivered to me, it worked and I checked that it contained the contents of his phone ".

However, on May 18, Dina Bousselham stated at the hearing that Iglesias contacted him in July 2016 to tell him that he had in his possession the mobile card that had been stolen in January. When the present Vice President of the Government gave it to her, her former adviser took her to a specialized company to retrieve its content. The answer was that it was not possible because their information had been destroyed.

These statements prompted the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office last week to request that Iglesias be removed from the status of injured in this separate piece and that Judge García Castellón agreed three days later. In addition, both the Public Ministry and the instructor appreciated indications of a possible crime in the action of the leader of Unidas Podemos, having kept the mobile SIM card in his possession for a period that could range from "5 to 39 months."

However, Dina now maintains that when the leader of the purple formation gave her the mobile card she "in order to protect my privacy, my family life and my relationship, I accessed the most personal and intimate elements of nature of this and therefore I can indicate that it initially worked although I did not contrast or analyze all its content. "

This separate piece of the Villarejo case - called Piece 10 or Dina - was opened in March 2019 at the request of the Public Ministry after seizing documentation from the stolen phone from the commissioner stolen from the current director of the website linked to Podemos, La Última Time . In her crimes of revelation of secrets and damages are investigated.

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