A research paper revealed the period of time after which a new coronavirus patient, "Sars Cove 2", is not able to transmit the infection to others, which carries a reassuring news that the patients do not continue to transmit the infection with the virus that causes "Covid-19" after their recovery.

The research paper was issued by the National Center for Infectious Diseases and the Department of Infectious Pathologists at the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. According to the paper, after "7-10 days" after symptoms appear, the patient will not be able to pass the infection on to others.

The researchers said that the incubation period for the emerging coronavirus (that is, the period from capturing the infection to the onset of symptoms) is on average five days. It can range from 2-14 days.

They added that the most common symptoms of SARS Cove 2 infection are:

1- Fever.

2- Dry cough.

3- Fatigue.

4- Shortness of breath.

5- Shivering.

6- Sore throat.

7- Muscle pain.

8- Loss of smell.

9- Headache.

Based on the data accumulated since the beginning of the "Covid-19" pandemic, the infectious period of SARS Cove 2 virus in individuals with symptoms may begin about two days before symptoms appear, and the infectious period in which the infected person is able to transmit the infection to others continues for a period of time. 7-10 days after symptoms appear.

Active viral reproduction decreases rapidly after the first week, and a viable virus was not found after the second week of the disease despite continued detection of the virus's RNA using the Polymerase chain reaction test. These results are supported by epidemiological, microbiological and clinical data.

Accordingly, the researchers said, the focus could be on testing people with severe respiratory symptoms who are suspected of having Covid-19.

Experts believe that the results can drastically reduce the time patients spend in hospitals and care facilities, and the resources needed to care for them.

New protocol

Today, Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar announced a new protocol in which to deal with patients infected with Coronavirus "Covid-19" who are currently being observed in the facilities of the institution, which includes removing most of the patients infected with the virus from health care facilities 14 days after the date of obtaining the first Positive smear to the virus from them.

The Foundation said in a post on its Facebook page, that this is to follow the instructions of the specialized medical team, including downloading and activating the "Ahtaz" application on mobile phones, and they should remain in the home quarantine without leaving the house for any reason for an additional week, as the Anyone who violates these conditions will be subject to penalties in accordance with the Penal Code, the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and the Community Protection Law.

The foundation stated that before that, many patients had been staying in hospital or isolation facilities for more than 14 days, since their exit required that a negative BCR examination result come twice before they were allowed to leave the health facility. The new protocol will benefit these patients by enabling them to return to their homes and normalcy as quickly as possible.

Dr. Naima Al-Mawlawi, a virology specialist at Hamad Medical Corporation, said that the new protocol for the demobilization of patients with Covid-19 is an encouraging step forward and brings the State of Qatar in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the latest scientific evidence that shows that after 10 days of the first positive smear, the majority of patients will not become " Covid-19 "is prepared again and not infectious.

She added that until now, the layoff procedures required patients to wait for the result of two negative surveys before they could return to their homes, but the negative examination result may take several weeks to appear in some people because the body still contains traces of the virus.

And Dr. Naima Al-Mawlawi stated that Qatar will take an additional step and a 14-day period will be adopted between the first positive smear and the patient leaving the hospital.

The new layoff policy applies only to patients who do not need medical support, while patients with moderate to severe symptoms who require continuous medical treatment will be subject to care in a medical facility until their symptoms disappear.

Dr. Nasser Al-Ansari, Head of Infection Control Department at Hazm Mabrik General Hospital (Qatar) said that under the new policy, patients who do not have any symptoms will be discharged 14 days after the initial diagnosis. As for patients with mild symptoms, isolation can be stopped after 14 days. From the diagnosis or at least 5 days after the disappearance of symptoms "whichever is longer".

He said that the past few weeks have seen a rise in the number of patients who are recovering fully from "Covid-19", which is very encouraging and is expected to continue to increase in the near future.

Full recovery

Al-Ansari added that although some people can become seriously ill due to the virus, the vast majority of patients recover completely and suffer only mild symptoms.

He pointed out that there is clear evidence from all over the world that indicates that 10 days after the positive results of infection appear, people do not become carriers of infection, and this means that they can return to their homes and to their normal lives.