Edouard Philippe and several members of the government presented, Thursday afternoon, the second phase of deconfinement. Welcoming "good results in terms of health", the Prime Minister then detailed what will be the daily life of the French in the coming weeks.

France is experiencing "good health results". This is the main reason for satisfaction as the second phase of deconfinement looms, starting on June 2. On Thursday afternoon, the government therefore shelled out the measures that will be implemented from this date. From trips to the reopening of educational establishments, via groupings and vacations, Europe 1 takes stock of what to remember from these announcements.

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Good health results

"Today, all the indicators are green," said Edouard Philippe. While the north-eastern quarter of France has always been classified as "red" so far, all departments are now displayed in green, except for Guyana, Mayotte and all of Ile-de-France. "It does not mean that the virus is no longer circulating. It is still present in varying degrees throughout the territory. But its speed of spread is, at this stage, under control," said the Prime Minister.

Boost for the reopening of schools, colleges and high schools

In terms of national education, the government wants to put a boost on reopening. All schools must be open, always with a maximum of 15 students per class. To ensure the welcome of all, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, has planned the implementation of "complementary" sports or cultural activities.

Colleges in the green zone will continue to welcome more young people, especially the 4th and 3rd classes, which have always been closed so far. In the orange zone, priority will be given to the 6th and 5th "and if the material conditions are met, the other students will also be welcomed".

"All of the high schools will reopen," also announced Jean-Michel Blanquer. "In the green zone, general, technological and vocational high schools will open at least on one of the 3 levels to start with. Then, may open other levels depending on local situations." In the orange zone, caution is advised. Vocational high schools will also reopen as a priority for students needing certifications. The general and technological high schools will welcome students for individual educational interviews.

Differentiated reopening of bars and restaurants

Regarding bars and restaurants, all those in the green zone will be able to reopen, respecting strict distances and without being able to set a table with more than 10 place settings. It will also be requested not to authorize standing consumption, especially in bars, and the wearing of a mask will be compulsory for staff and customers when they are on the move. In the orange zone, only the terraces can reopen.


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The 100 km limit abolished

"As of June 2, the ban on traveling more than 100 km from home is over," said Edouard Philippe before calling "on everyone's responsibility." "If you can postpone a long distance move, it's probably more reasonable," he said.

"France will be in favor of reopening the internal borders of Europe from June 15, without a fortnight" and will apply "reciprocity measures for the countries which would set up fortnight." 

Reopening of parks and gardens

The parks and gardens will be open throughout the territory, including in the orange zone. The prefects may nevertheless impose the wearing of masks in public spaces. Beaches, lakes, museums and lakes will also be reopened.

Gradual resumption of cultural and sports activities

"Our social and cultural life will be able to resume more widely", welcomed Edouard Philippe. However, a distinction will be made between green zones and orange zones. In the first, theaters and theaters will reopen on June 2. "In the same green zones, sports activities will also be able to open up more widely with the opening of gymnasiums and sports halls."

In the orange zones, theaters, theaters, gymnasiums, sports halls and swimming pools will not be open until June 22. As for cinemas, they will reopen on June 22 throughout the country. In addition, there cannot be more than 5,000 people in the leisure parks. This threshold of 5,000 people applies to all outdoor gatherings.

As for sport, "collective sports, and in particular contact sports, will also remain prohibited" at least until June 21, said Edouard Philippe.