• School, Conte convenes an overnight majority meeting
  • School, green light to the hiring of 4,500 precarious teachers
  • School, on the precarious we are looking for solutions without tests in presence
  • School: top black smoke on competitions, there will be a new meeting


May 25, 2020 "We fight precariousness, guaranteeing meritocracy". The premier Giuseppe Conte after a careful evaluation lasting about 48 hours announced in these terms his proposal on the topic of competitions. And the majority, with the yes of the minister Azzolina, of the Five stars and the satisfaction of Pd and Leu. Now the agreement will be translated into a measure to be included in the school dl. The agreement reached in the video conference chaired by the premier in the presence of the group leaders provides that there is a written test for the 32 thousand teachers but not through a quiz and not in August. Tomorrow afternoon the amendments to the dl in commission at Palazzo Madama will begin to be voted on. The riskiest vote was that of Tuesday, on the amendment signed by Pd-Leu-Autonomie, but the proposal by the Prime Minister has cleared the ground, avoiding a split in the committee but above all that on the probable vote of confidence - the decree expires on June 7 - surprises may come for the red-yellows. The premier agreed on the impossibility of holding the competitions in August and also asked to change the quiz tool, while reiterating the need for selective testing.

On the theme of the competitions, the stumbling block that divided the red-yellows was overcome, with the unprecedented M5s-Iv axis which insisted on the need to proceed to competitions in August. The proposal of Pd and Leu, however, provided for the recruitment based on the ranking by qualifications and a competition at the end of the school year. The mediation of the Prime Minister reports the serenity and should ensure that there are the necessary numbers on the bill both in the Senate and in the Chamber. The dem speak of "moderate optimism", even for Leu it was a step forward, while Minister Azzolina said she was ready to translate the agreement into a rule to be included in the decree. "We want to reduce the precariousness, to give more stability to the school, and we want to do it through a method of hiring that guarantees merit", summarizes the head of education. "We have 78 thousand teachers to hire in the first and second cycle between ordinary competitions and extraordinary competition. Among the aspirants also thousands of young people who - observes the pentastellate exponent - have been preparing for some time and want to have their chance to start teaching" . The Prime Minister said he was satisfied with the agreement. "Not a political party but the common sense has won - say from the Democratic Party. The solution we have found convinces us because it goes in the direction we have always hoped for. We therefore thank the majority, the minister and the Prime Minister for the great work done" .