Ahead of the reconciliation meeting in the morning, Carl has prepared himself at home among the saucepans at the kitchen counter in Motala.

Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

- We used to work from home maybe 2-4 times a month, then it felt like it worked well. In these corona times it is completely different. Now that we have been working from home for 6-8 weeks then it is clear that it will be in a completely different way. You miss your colleagues and get away from each other a bit, says Carl Selling.

Works from home stable

Therese has also connected to the same meeting, though at home on the horse farm outside Vikingstad.

- It's actually not as bad as you thought before, in these times of spring we wait for foals here at home, so in the normal situation maybe I would have tripped with my working hours, but now I can monitor my mares before the births and I've even slept in the stable on an air mattress for a few nights, says Therese Staffansson.

Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

- We work with people with confidence, and we have many meetings with these that we normally meet at this time of year. Plus we have a business where we meet consumers and people in everyday life quite a lot, and it will not be the same at all as usual, says Therese.

Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

Screaming children and craftsmen

- There are more meetings and there are many reconciliations. But it is also common for the meetings to drag out a little more on time because people are more talkative when sitting alone at home, says Carl.

Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

- Yes that's how it is. You move quickly from one meeting to another. But it is fun and interesting to attend a digital meeting where screaming children and craftsmen are heard in the background, says Therese.

- Yes that's how it is. I have a colleague who said that he had been on housekeeping all week and had after a week seen all the colleagues' rooms, except the toilet, says Carl, laughing.

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