DRC: Jean-Marc Kabund dismissed from his post in the Assembly by a vote of deputies

Jean-Marc Kabund (right), in January 2019. (Illustrative image) AFP PHOTO / Caroline Thirion

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In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), bad weather for Jean-Marc Kabund. The interim president of the presidential party, the UDPS, was removed from his post as first vice-president of the National Assembly last night. It was the subject of a motion which was initiated by Jean-Jacques Mamba, deputy of the MLC. At the origin of the affair, the proposal of the presidents of the Senate and the National Assembly to convene the Congress to formalize the state of health emergency convened, in March, by the president Félix Tshisekedi.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

It was by an overwhelming majority that Jean-Marc Kabund was ejected from his chair as first vice-president of the National Assembly. Out of 315 deputies, 289 voted in favor of the petition initiated by MLC deputy, Jean-Jacques Mamba.

The latter had accused the interim president of the UDPS, the presidential party, of having tarnished the image of the National Assembly by allegations that Jean-Jacques Mamba had described as "  falsehoods  ".

Shortly after asking for the dismissal of Jean-Marc Kabund, the author of the petition was arrested last weekend . Justice prosecuted him in flagrante and placed him under house arrest, accusing him of forgery and use of forgery in writing for a signature on his petition which would have been usurped.

This intrusion of justice into parliamentary affairs was not appreciated in the National Assembly. The president of this chamber, Jeannine Mabunda, and several other deputies, coalition in power and opposition combined, in chorus demanded the release of Jean-Jacques Mamba.

The commission set up for this purpose concluded that the forfeited signature was valid. And the clash between several deputies in full plenary session did not prevent the fatal vote.

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