The PP spokeswoman in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has reaffirmed herself today in her statements on Thursday against Vice President Pablo Iglesias. "Her father was a member of a terrorist organization called FRAP, and a person who is a member of a terrorist organization is a terrorist," she insisted.

In a colloquium of the Freedom Foundation and the International Foundation for Freedom, the popular deputy has insisted on her arguments on Wednesday: "Children are not responsible for what our parents do. I told him for the first and last time, and it will be the Last time, he was the son of a terrorist. " In her opinion, Iglesias threatened her with the lawyers "as the folkloric do", but she does not believe that this threat is finally consumed.

Álvarez de Toledo has reiterated that he demands "that the expression be maintained in the session diary", despite the fact that the president of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet, asked to withdraw them, "because it is a fact, and said by him: ' My father was a member of FRAP '".

For this reason, the PP leader wanted to comment on the incident that Iglesias starred in this Thursday in the Congress Restructuring Commission, where she said that Vox would like to carry out a coup, but she does not dare. "He has attributed intentions to a political party in the House, and the president of the commission did not withdraw that expression: so that you can see to what extent this imbalance of moral superiority continues to exist" between the left and the right.

"A factual fact like the one I said (you are the son of a terrorist) is removed from the session diary. However, when Mr. Iglesias attributes his intentions (you would like to carry out a coup) not only does he not withdraw, but Vox spokesman "has to go from the room," he added. "And this is done by Mr. Iglesias, who endorses, protects and defends Mr. Puigdemont, who did attempt a coup," Álvarez de Toledo explained.

For the PP parliamentary spokeswoman, "the deepest battle that we constitutionalists and democrats have to give in Spain is that of truth and that of snatching and dismantling that fallacious moral superiority that the left exercises."

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