She said that "Israeli police officers asked us to stand behind a metal fence next to the extremists of the Israeli right wing."

“We were not allowed to move to another place. Despite our repeated requests to the police to allow us to move to another place, we were not allowed to do this. The extremists, having heard our Arabic speech during my attempts to record sound on a camera for reporting on a criminal case against Netanyahu, began to provoke us. They pushed me, and one of them raised his hand, trying to hit me. And this is despite the fact that I asked him to move away, to give me the opportunity to work and avoid getting infected with coronavirus or anything else. He tried to attack me in front of the Israeli police, ”Namari said.

She stated that she “pushed back the metal fence, trying to leave with our cameraman, who was also attacked by Israeli settlers behind him.”

Namari noted that this was “a clear lack of any respect for freedom of speech and the press.” 

Earlier it was reported that in the framework of the trial in the Netanyahu case, it is planned to hear about 300 prosecution witnesses.