China News Service, May 24 (Xinhua), according to the Chinese website of the United States, the American Men ’s Basketball Professional League (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association are in talks with Disney and plan to resume the 2019-2020 season in Florida in late July .

  According to an NBA spokesperson, they want to use Disney ’s ESPN Sports World Complex as a venue, training and dorm room near Orlando, Florida. Spokesman Bass called the dialogue "exploratory", so there is no final conclusion. Disney confirmed the talks in a statement.

Data map: On March 12, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the suspension of the season. The announcement reads: Because a jazz player was positive in the new crown test, the Thunder and Jazz game was canceled tonight. The picture shows March 9, local time, the jazz player Gobert is in the game.

  Nevertheless, this is a silver lining for both players and fans. The NBA should have entered the playoffs now, and the season was originally scheduled to end in June. However, the New Crown Virus epidemic forced the NBA to suspend the season in mid-March.

  "Our top priority remains the health and safety of all participants. We are working with public health experts and government officials to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure that appropriate medical procedures and protective measures are in place." Said in a statement.

  At the same time, other leagues are considering returning in June and July. The PGA Tour is scheduled to resume on June 8, and baseball fans may also see Major League Baseball return in July. At the same time, the WNBA, which was originally scheduled to start on May 15, has not yet returned.

  At present, some leagues have returned. The Bundesliga, Germany ’s top football league, restarted the season a week ago. Even if the game is resumed, the fans are still not allowed to watch. The team needs to spend a week in isolation before the game. The players also need to conduct regular virus detection and take multiple vehicles instead of one.