Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, 39, surprised her 171 million Instagram followers by sharing her exact training program on social media. Known for her shapely body, Kim follows a training program created by celebrity-favorite personal trainer Melissa Alcantara, which is specifically tailored to Kim’s needs.

The reality TV star introduced that his workout consists of three different sections in which he lifts weights, trains with a handleball and a Smith device. He described starting with a 20-minute stair workout in the morning and then moving on to training with dumbbells and a barbell.

He described doing each move about 20-30 times and then moving on to the next one. He repeats each series three or four times.

Kim presents her exact workout program, which she says is the secret of her famous curves.

Photo: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kim has praised Alcantara profusely in the past and praised the personal trainer being at her home every morning at 5.45 whipping her into shape. During the corona quarantine, Kim has kept in touch with Alcantara through video calls.

Kim is known for her shapely body, which she is also very happy to present in public.

Photo: Sonia Moskowitz

Social media has been amazed at how tough the curvy beauty’s training program sounds, but the star’s sportswear has raised many questions.

In addition to his training program, Kim introduced the kind of verms he plays in. The reality TV star's workout clothes consist of a breathtaking leopard-patterned top and small panties:

- Quarantine training, Kim introduces.

The outfit is part of the lingerie brand bearing the star's own name SKIMS, which consists of various body-shaping panties, bodies and bras. Kim has her own gym in her California home, so the star doesn’t have to go further home to train.

- Who trains in panties? Instagram wonders.

Fans estimate that the outfit does not appear to be suitable for fitness and is not the right size.

- Not a very comfortable outfit for training, the comments evaluate.

- Looks like the top isn't the right size ...

Kim has been praised for not smoothing her skin with image editing programs. Close-eyed fans noticed that the star has cellulite in the picture. In the past, Kim has received harsh criticism for looking too perfect and waxy in her pictures.

The star seems to have listened to the criticism and is now posing in the picture without covering up small flaws in the skin.

- I'm glad you did not covert cellulite. You are beautiful and you look so much more authentic that way.

- It's great that you don't beautify the picture! You can identify with you much more easily when you don’t hide scars or cellulite.

- I appreciate you not editing the image.