China News Service, May 24, according to the official Weibo news of the Jilin Provincial Health and Health Commission, the Office of the Leading Group for Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Pneumonia in Jilin Province issued an important notice on the 23rd that the current situation of prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia in Jilin Province is grim. In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work, the public security and other law enforcement departments will deal with and severely crack down on the following behaviors in the current epidemic prevention and control work. If it is an illegal act, it shall be given an administrative penalty; if it constitutes a crime, it shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

  1. Knowing that he has been infected or may be infected with the new coronavirus, has suspected symptoms such as fever and cough, deliberately enters a public place or conceals the situation and contacts with others, endangering public safety;

  2. Patients with confirmed or suspected new coronary pneumonia, close contacts, and those with fever and other symptoms who refuse to perform relevant detection, isolation, treatment and other prevention and control measures; confirmed or suspected new coronary pneumonia patients or close to diagnosed and suspected new coronary pneumonia patients The contacted person deliberately concealed the contact history, and refused to cooperate with the staff to carry out the epidemiological investigation;

  3. Persons returning from (over) Kyrgyzstan from overseas, high-risk areas, medium-risk areas, and other key areas, deliberately concealing the history of travel in key areas of the epidemic, failing to actively register reports as required, and failing to truthfully report during the staff investigation; refusal to implement Relevant testing, home isolation observation, centralized isolation observation measures;

  4. During the closed management of the epidemic prevention and control community (village), refuse to implement closed management measures, maliciously obstruct and violently resist grassroots staff management according to law, and do not cooperate with grassroots organizations such as health and epidemic prevention, medical and health institutions, communities, village committees, etc. The prevention and control measures such as body temperature detection, inspection registration, infectious disease investigation, sample collection, and environmental elimination;

  5. During the period of centralized isolation and home isolation, they did not follow the relevant regulations and went out without authorization, causing infection risks and hidden dangers;

  6. Taking public transportation or entering or leaving public places and other related places, violating the regulations and resisting temperature control, code scanning, registration and other prevention and control measures, causing troubles;

  7. Using violent threats to prevent epidemic prevention staff from performing their epidemic prevention duties according to law; insulting, threatening, intimidating, assaulting, intentionally injuring staff and medical staff; deliberately destroying the protective equipment of staff and medical staff, and endangering the staff and medical staff Safe; gathering crowds in epidemic prevention places (points) and medical institutions to disrupt normal work order;

  8. Raising the price of anti-epidemic drugs and masks, protective clothing, goggles, disinfectant and other anti-epidemic products; Raising the prices of people's livelihood commodities such as grain, oil, meat, and vegetables; hoarding large amounts of goods and selling at high prices to make huge profits and seriously disrupting market order of;

  9. Production and sale of protective articles such as fake and inferior masks, protective clothing, disinfectant, medical and hygienic materials, or production and sale of counterfeit and inferior medicines for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases;

  10. Fabricating false epidemic information, spreading epidemic rumors, and falsely reporting the epidemic; fabricating false epidemic prevention and control measures, disrupting the epidemic prevention and control order; knowingly to be false information, still deliberately spreading through WeChat, SMS, Internet and other channels to create panic and disturbance Social order.