Shizheng News Eye Xi Xiping once again "under the group" to explain the "China policy" under the new situation

  On the morning of May 23, Xi Jinping visited economic committee members who participated in the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. The economic sector ranks second among the 34 sectors of the CPPCC, and the outside world is also highly concerned. At a special time and a special trend, the economy is related to the overall situation, and it also affects everyone. The general secretary went to the economic circles to discuss the country, discussing the situation of China's economy, educating new opportunities in the crisis, and opening up new situations in a changing situation.

  At the joint meeting, these members and the general secretary exchanged their hearts 

  This is the second "Xia Tuan Group" activity of Xi Jinping of the two sessions this year and the eighth consecutive participation in the CPPCC joint group meeting since 2013. What is different from the past is that, due to the compression of the meeting period and changes in the schedule, the general secretary first went to the Inner Mongolia delegation to form a "Team" this year, and then went to the CPPCC economic circle to "group.

△ The CPPCC Economic Circle Joint Group Meeting was held in Beijing Railway Building. (Photographed by CCTV reporter Wei Bangjun)

  The change is more than that. A total of five members of the economic community spoke on the day, which was also the least number of speakers in eight years. In the previous two years, the number of speakers was eight.

  The first speaker on the day was Wang Yiming, former deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council. He made recommendations based on his own personal research and a large amount of data: giving play to the positive role of "new employment forms" such as online retailing and car-hailing drivers on "guaranteeing employment". In response, Xi Jinping said that we must follow the trend and keep up with the research on the legal protection of workers in the "new employment pattern" and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, etc., and fill in the legal shortcomings in a timely manner to constantly improve in the changes.

△ Member Wang Yiming.

  The third speech by Liu Yonghao, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of New Hope Group Co., Ltd. The 69-year-old Liu Yonghao is the first member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference after the reform and opening up. In 1993, he entered the Great Hall of the People for the first time as a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and gave a speech at the conference entitled "Promising Private Enterprises", which aroused widespread media attention worldwide. In 2018, Liu Yonghao was selected as a "reform vanguard" as an outstanding representative of private entrepreneurs.

△ Member Liu Yonghao. (Photographed by CCTV reporter Wei Bangjun)

  At the joint group meeting, Liu Yonghao made a speech about turning private enterprises into opportunities. After listening to the speech, Xi Jinping said that private enterprises in the field of hope in China had indeed become a barren land. But to this day, it is indeed remarkable that private enterprises have grown to such a scale that they have contributed so much to socialism with Chinese characteristics. We are constantly exploring, constantly striving, and constantly overcoming difficulties.

  Commissioner Liu Qi told the general secretary of the past. In May 2004, the then Zhejiang Provincial Party Secretary Xi Jinping led a delegation to Wulong County, Chongqing, a state-level poverty-stricken county, and Liu Qi, then the county head, once reported to him. After a lapse of 16 years, Commissioner Liu Qi reported to the General Secretary that Wu Long had lifted his hat and removed his hat, and a quarter of the people in the district had a "tourist meal."

△ Member Liu Qi. (Photographed by CCTV reporter Wei Bangjun)

  At the joint meeting on the same day, the general secretary talked about getting rid of poverty again. He said that in fact our generation has this complex, and we must help our people, especially our farmers, to help them.

  "Politics" and "Economy" are connected, "Possibility" corresponds to "Policy" 

  The National People's Congress and the National People's Congress are a major event in China's political life. In the context of the epidemic, the two sessions have also become an important window for people to observe the Chinese economy. During the two sessions each year, the General Secretary has visited the People's Congress many times, but the CPPCC's "lower group" is usually only once. The general secretary's choice to participate in the joint meeting of the economic community is a clear signal in itself.

△ Member Liu Wei from the economic circle talked about the "One-hour Life Circle" in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area at the first "Committee Passage" this year. (Photographed by Li Jin, the reporter of the National Television Station)

  In fact, in the previous day's "Xia Tuan" activity, Xi Jinping expounded the political concept of "people first" and also talked about economic issues that people are paying close attention to. Why did China not put forward specific targets for annual economic growth this year?

  Xi Jinping said, "If we rigidly set one, then our focus will become strong stimulus and grasp the growth rate, which is not in line with the purpose of our economic and social development. We have been talking about not talking about heroes based on GDP growth rate."

△ This is Shibadong Village, Huayuan County, Hunan. During his inspection in Hunan in November 2013, Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to prevent blindly ranking in terms of GDP and discuss heroes.

  At the joint meeting on the 23rd, Xi Jinping spent a lot of time analyzing the situation facing the Chinese economy and the significant advantages China has. He emphasized that we must persist in analyzing the current economic situation with a comprehensive, dialectical and long-term perspective, and strive to educate new opportunities in the crisis and start new situations in the face of changing circumstances. In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the General Secretary has emphasized on many occasions that it is necessary to review the situation, respond to countermeasures, and seek opportunities in a crisis to turn opportunities into opportunities.

Interpretation from three keywords 

How to develop new machine and how to open a new game?

The first keyword: domestic demand

  On April 17, Xi Jinping first proposed the "six guarantees" while presiding over the Politburo meeting, and also put forward another important concept-firm implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand. How to seek our country's development in a more unstable and uncertain world? You must make your own cake! At the joint meeting on the 23rd, the general secretary proposed that we should take meeting domestic demand as the starting point and goal of development and accelerate the construction of a complete domestic demand system.

△ This is the assembly shop of an air-conditioning company in Huzhou, Zhejiang. The technicians are rushing to make orders for products sold to Shanghai.

The second keyword: open

  If you can't rely on yourself, you have to do both inside and outside. The meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on May 14 proposed that a new development pattern of mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles should be established. At the joint group meeting on the 23rd, Xi Jinping said that a new development pattern should be gradually formed with the domestic major circulation as the main body and the mutual promotion of domestic and international dual circulations. He emphasized that we must stand on the right side of history, unswervingly promote economic globalization in the direction of opening, inclusiveness, inclusiveness, balance, and win-win, and promote the construction of an open world economy.

△ On March 26, Xi Jinping said at the G20 Special Summit on New Coronary Pneumonia that China will unswervingly expand reform and opening up.

  The third keyword: security

  There is an old saying in China, "Be careful to travel for thousands of years." Xi Jinping has always maintained a sober understanding of how to prevent and resolve major risks. He said more than once, "We must not only focus on development and ignore security." On the 23rd, the general secretary proposed that we should firmly establish the concept of security development and accelerate the improvement of the security development system and mechanism. Five years ago, Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to firmly establish the concept of safe development, and strive to weave a comprehensive and three-dimensional public safety net for the people to live and work in peace, social stability and order, and long-term national stability.

  With "domestic demand", "opening" and "security", with this combination of punches in place, the Chinese economy will surely be able to nurture new opportunities in the crisis and start new situations in the face of changing circumstances.

  Producer 丨 Shen Yong

  Writing 丨 Gong Xuehui Yu Zhenyi

  Vision 丨 Chen Kuoqihuan