The multi-meter white flutter, fluttering in the sky, has puzzled many readers. Janne saw a large white object in the sky with his father on Friday, and Jarkko from Järvenpää has also encountered the same phenomenon in May.

The men described the flutterers as gauze-like, like a filter cloth. Janne suspected that this was a wrapper of haystacks that had taken off the fields. According to Rani Plast, a manufacturer of packaging plastics, this cannot be the case.

The essence of white stripes is still a mystery. Ilta-Sanomat asked the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Air Force and Air Navigation Services Finland (ANS Finland), which is responsible for managing the use of Finnish airspace, but none of these knew what it was about.

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Gauze from the fields?

Readers, on the other hand, have different guesses as to the origin of the flyer.

Many believe it is frost gauze that has escaped from strawberries or other fields.

- The wind brought a poorly fastened cover cloth from a field.

Many plants are protected with gauze.

Photo: HS

- The wind removed the protective gauze from the cucumber soil, for example, and happened to fall on the road. In the past, several kilometers of gauze taken by the wind was chased for several kilometers.

The reason for the fast landing of the flywheel could be the weight attached to the gauze like a stone, it is thought.

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Weather measuring equipment?

Different weather and climate measurement methods came to mind for many situations. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, it’s not their weather balloon, but readers wondered if it could be out of the hands of hobbyists.

- Well, that's a clear ball used to study the weather or the climate.

- It could be a weather ball sent by a hobbyist or a neighbor. The witches are filled with hydrogen and can reach a height of up to 30 km. A small hole in the ball can cause it not to be destroyed at the top, but gradually flows into the plot with the air currents.

The book of possibilities also states that a flutter would be a foreign weather measurement tool.

- It could be a research ball from an eastern neighbor, or a wild-headed helium ball that has risen to a height of more than 35 kilometers.

A balloon launch from a northern Swedish space station.

Image: Copyright SSC

- Atmospheric survey observation ball sent from Esrange, Sweden.

Europe's largest civilian space station is located in Esrange, northern Sweden, near Kiruna, and occasionally sends large balloons, even hundreds of meters long, for various investigations.

The Google Loon project was also considered. The technology giant is working to improve internet access in remote areas and has therefore sent giant white balloons to the sky at an altitude of 20 kilometers, carrying connection-enhancing technology with them.

Google balloon going up to the skies.

Photo: Loon

The flyer also gained foreign policy depths in the betting.

- It's NATO's hybrid gauze.

- Originally, it was intended to “mass mail” USB flash drives to North Koreans, but the flash drives have apparently been taken over by the North Korean authorities. Maybe the wind has done its trick, and after removing the memory sticks, that “flying object” has gotten back into flight.

Or something else entirely?

With a twinkle in his eye, a few speculated that it could be a mask fabric sent by the Chinese.

- There hasn't been a severe shortage of that. Nothing but to sew.

Toilet paper for UFOs and sweat was also suggested, as in the videos, the flutter really looks like an opened toilet paper roll.

- Well now I know where my sheets canopy from the clothesline.

- Well, holy jerk. My tent underlay. I set up a tent here in the cupboard of Kuopivo for a holiday downstairs and that underlay was lost, well, this mystery.