Summer is a great time for fun sport experiments. As the weather warms up and the sun shines, the jogging path and ball games feel much more inviting than in November.

Many summer sports also make you burn a lot of calories - while having fun.

Calorie consumption is always individual, but can be viewed through a guiding example. A person weighing roughly 70 pounds burns energy in half an hour for the following summer species:

  • Frisbee throw: 111 kcal

  • Golf: 203 kcal

  • Minigolf: 110 kcal

  • Jump rope jumping: 370 kcal

  • Football (leisure): 296 kcal

  • Football (competition): 333 kcal

  • Running (10 km per hour): 333 kcal

  • Running (16 km per hour): 601 kcal

  • Basketball: 296 kcal

  • Walking (3 km per hour): 97 kcal

  • Walking (5 km per hour): 148 kcal

  • Canoeing: 185 kcal

  • Yard games (boules and croquet): 128 kcal

  • Cycling (15-20 km per hour): 148 kcal

  • Cycling (20-25 km per hour): 222 kcal

  • Cycling (+25 km per hour): 370 kcal

  • Inline skating: 259 kcal

  • Beach volleyball: 111 kcal

  • Nordic walking: 222 kcal

  • Skating: 185 kcal

  • Badminton: 333 kcal

  • Rowing (brisk pace): 259 kcal

  • Tennis: 259 kcal

  • Darts: 73 kcal

  • Trampoline: 129 kcal

  • Swimming (calm): 148 kcal

  • Swimming (brisk): 222 kcal

  • Hiking: 222 kcal

Summer sports offer exercise for almost every taste. Calorie consumption is affected by, among other things, one's own weight.

Slippers on foot and in the woods! The rolling terrain adds challenge to the run.

Photo: Colourbox

Yard work also consumes energy

Calories are also burned almost unnoticed when working in the backyard or cottage.

It is estimated that a person weighing so much 70 pounds spends half an hour on summer chores.

  • Rake: 147 kcal

  • Fishing: 111 kcal

  • Outdoor walking of dogs: 110 kcal

  • Carpet tamping: 147 kcal

  • Gardening work: 166 kcal

  • Tree splitting: 222 kcal

  • Lawn mowing: 222 kcal

  • Cleaning: 129 kcal

In good weather, burning and moving calories is easier when you can move around in your own yard, and you don’t have to spend time moving to the exercise site.

Spring and summer pastures have a good opportunity to either start moving around or find a new hobby.

- Everything goes. It doesn’t have to be sweat exercise or running. Even a relaxing nature walk is enough for exercise, says Minna Aittasalo, a specialist researcher at the FAQ Institute.

- Many adults may keep in mind that they keep exercising twice a week until they breathe. Today, it is known that even lighter exercise is enough for health. Even in nature, light self-indulgence refreshes the mind, depending on what you are looking for from exercise.

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