Eight years ago, Pekka Heikkinen, 70, moved from Kuopio to Riistavesi in rural peace to his new detached house. From here it is a convenient short distance to the fishing grounds and the cottage.

On Friday afternoon, peace was shaken.

For eight years, Heikkinen has been accustomed to hearing the voices of the Hornet fighters of the Karelian aircraft. On Friday, he was in the office at the computer paying bills when he thought he heard the sound of a loud, approaching jet.

- The sound was ungodly loud - that now seems to become too likelle building that machine. It felt like the roof was coming along.

- I was in front of the window and I looked in every direction, but no machines were visible. The sound faded as if as the machine moved forward.

Heikkinen paid the bills, brewed the coffee, went to the glass porch and, to his surprise, noticed how broken roof tiles lay on the lawn about three meters from the outer wall.

Photo: Timo Hartikainen

- As soon as I combined those roof tiles out loud.

Heikkinen went further away from his house and saw a large opening appear on the roof.

After wondering for a while, he called the emergency center because he couldn’t remember the police’s direct number. A police patrol from Eastern Finland arrived to prepare a report. Police also climbed the roof to look at the damage.

- Police said that based on the traces of suction is to lift those bricks into the air and the yard. In addition, the bricks have risen out of place in the direction of travel of the machine. He could see it with his eyes when he looked from the lawn that the bricks were not quite in place.

Photo: Timo Hartikainen

According to Heikkinen, the plane would have flown parallel to the ridge of the roof from south to north, when usually the Hornets fly across the house transversely.

He said that about ten meters north of the roof opening point, the bricks have risen and gone out of place. There is no damage to the roof base itself, ie the rib and the underlay.

- Must have a melon suction when the brick weighs four kills. And the roof tiles are five cents on top of each other overlapping. A mysterious thing.

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Heikkinen himself knows from his 40 years of work experience as a construction industry expert that dismantling an intact brick roof by hand is a demanding task.

- You have to lift the bricks from a bigger area and push the sticks in between to get even one brick away.

- Some expert could know how many pounds of suction power it needs for a brick roof to leave.

- But I dare say with the experience what I heard, and I have heard the sounds of the plane before, so it was a jet. These military planes. No passenger plane.

He does not intend to send a bill to the Air Force.

- The first thing to do is call the insurance company and get a building insurance inspector on site to cover the damage and then fix the insurance company to the spike. It is then up to the insurance company to bill if evidence can be obtained.

- The sight of everything hurts. I wouldn't have guessed yesterday that there is a hole in the roof today ...

Photo: Timo Hartikainen

Police in Eastern Finland told IS on Friday that it has not yet been able to find out the cause of the damage to the roof of Heikkinen's house.

According to the police, at least the Kuopio air traffic control had been told that there was no flight activity in the area that could explain the damage.

The Defense Forces' largest flight exercise, Air Tactics 20, ended on Friday at 2 pm, ie at the same time as Heikkinen's roof tiles flew into the yard.

The main base of the air defense team was Rissala Airport in Siilinjärvi.

Approximately 28 F / A-18 Hornet multipurpose fighters, 4 ,6 Hawk jet training aircraft, two C-295M transport aircraft, and two PC-12NG connection aircraft participated in the exercise.

- Tactically challenging flight operations involve flights at low altitudes and high-altitude supersonic flights, which can be heard on the ground as bangs, the Air Force reported.

Photo: Timo Hartikainen

However, according to the Air Force, the flight operations in the Eastern Finland area had already ended at noon, the IS was informed by the General Staff Communications Department.

- The Air Force Operations Center duty officer, who is a Hornet pilot and a thousand flight hours behind, said that a very sensitive roof tile is not allowed to fly in the air on the Hornet. In any case, there was not even flight to the area. It is ruled out, it was stated to IS.

In the Kuopio region, other mystery stuff fell from the sky on Friday when a motorist recorded a giant white floating object floating on the ground along the Vitostie.

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