Police in Western Uusimaa concentrated their forces on controlling moped riders the night before Saturday.

During the attack, which lasted for several hours, 70 mopeds were stopped and inspected in Espoo, Veikkola in Kirkkonummi, Karkkila, Ekenäs and in Otalammi and the church village in Vihti. There was a police motorcycle and several car patrols.

There was plenty to note, fine and punish. Eight driving bans were also imposed.

Fines and fines were written by the police within a few hours 44.

In seven mopeds, the condition of the brakes was inadequate and the police determined their condition to be unserviceable.

To counterbalance the poorly braked moped, a moped was found on Ekenäs that ran too hard. It was tuned into a motorcycle. When such is revealed in the traffic flow, the license plates are removed from it. In all, police hanged shields off 16 mopeds during the evening, whenever possible.

It was not possible for a 14-year-old boy without a driving license who was found in Ekenäs on the move. His cross bike doesn’t have license plates in the first place, so they couldn’t be torn off.

Poor behavior against incumbent police was also revealed as night-night power surveillance progressed. According to the police, the youth behaved the worst in Ekenäs, where the young people were born to disturb the police. The police measure was met and three teenagers were transit aboard a police car and taken by state car to the police station. There they were fined with the theme “stubbornness”.

If the youth behaved badly, sometimes the model needs to be sought from afar. This was the case in Nummi-Pusula, where a young person who had a good hobby of fishing had gone to unauthorized fishing trees on a trout river. After receiving the trout, the lure grabbed the wounds and the fisherman called his father’s emergency. Dad set a bad example and gasped the scene drunk on a moped that wasn’t on the register. He was wounded by police when police found a fishing offense, drunk driving and a vehicle offense in the situation. The trout were returned to the river.

In the course of the surveillance, a man born in the 1960s who left his moped behind and was driving a motorcycle without a license and carrying amphetamine was wounded. He tried to escape the police, which made the outrageous endangerment of traffic safety a criminal offense. Because there was a drug on the trip, he was also arrested on suspicion of a drug offense.

According to police, the parents of some of the owners of tuned mopeds have supported tuning them. According to police, this will not stay here. According to a release from the Länsi-Uusimaa police, “the police will have to remember” several parents with a fine and also promises to continue supervision more effectively.