Mali: anti-corruption activist Clément Dembélé released after his detention

The Malian capital Bamako, with a view of the Central Bank of West African States, as well as on the Roi Fadh bridge, on March 21, 2017. SEBASTIEN RIEUSSEC / AFP

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Malian anti-corruption activist Clément Dembélé reappeared this Friday, May 22 after being presented before a prosecutor. Arrested on May 9, he was charged with "inciting the military to disobedience and violence", charges officially unrelated to his anti-corruption activities. Released, he must however appear again in court on July 1.


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With our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel

Rather emaciated after 13 days in detention, Clément Dembélé spoke to the press in the local language as soon as he left. He was effectively arrested by the intelligence services of Mali , before being handed over to the justice system with a file. He was heard by the prosecutor on Friday May 22.

I am criticized for calling the military to disobedience ," said Clement Dembélé in front of a crowd who came to listen to him. I have confidence in the Malian justice  , ”continued the anti-corruption activist before thanking all those who supported him during his detention.

Video on social networks

However, the case is not over. Clément Dembélé is scheduled to appear in court on July 1. Everything could be played out on several points. First there is a video he posted on social media. His supporters swear that there is nothing in the document calling on the military to "  disobey  ". Others think the opposite.

Then, during his arrest, the academic Clément Dembélé was also questioned on other subjects, in particular the last barricades erected at night by young people in Bamako, who blocked traffic by burning tires. Or even on his links with certain Malian personalities.

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