The second round of municipal elections will take place, if the epidemic does not start again, on June 28. But the sanitary rules are strict, and will prevent the campaign from proceeding normally. The candidates, who will have to abandon meetings and towing, will probably fall back on digital.

"The electoral campaign must not become a factor in the circulation of the virus." This is what Christophe Castaner said on Friday, when the government announced a second round of municipal elections on June 28 for the 5,000 municipalities where it is necessary. In the midst of a pandemic, we should therefore expect a campaign like no other ... even non-existent.

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"There will be no campaign," said a ministerial adviser. Impossible, indeed, to envisage public meetings. Difficult also to distribute leaflets on the markets or to go door to door. Barrier gestures and masks will be required. 

A constrained campaign ... but longer

For Christophe Castaner, however, these constraints will be offset by a longer campaign. "Unlike the normal course of a second round, where candidates have only five days of campaigning and where it is very rare that there is more than one public meeting organized, candidates and their team will have almost a month before them, "said the interior minister on Friday. "A month that will allow them to convince voters, to assert their program and their convictions while adapting their methods."


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Adapt methods by emphasizing, for example, digital. "We are going to strengthen our teams," we already say at the headquarters of a Parisian candidate. The Minister of the Interior also plans to authorize extensive professions of faith. This strange campaign will end with an equally singular ballot: on polling day, voters and assessors will have to wear a mask.