The final of Koh-Lanta is fast approaching and we already know the name of the first qualified. During the episode broadcast on Friday, two candidates left the adventure, the first after the immunity test and the second after the council's vote.

TF1 broadcast Friday night the second part of the Koh-Lanta show started the previous week, with two eliminations to the key. During a Dantesque immunity test, the candidate who arrived last saw the adventure end. After which a council precipitated the departure of a second participant.

Record wins on Koh-Lanta

The adventurers still in contention had to align thirty dominoes on a beam a few centimeters wide, itself located in the middle of a wooden grid. The tilting of the first domino should lead to that of the very last, at the other end of the beam, in a wicker basket. In this little game of precision and agility, Claude came first, becoming at the same time the candidate having collected the most victories in the history of the show: sixteen successes, comforts and immunities combined. With this new totem in his bag, Claude thus secured a place in the final. The third in three participations.

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In any case, all the candidates had to make several tests. With unexpected drops of dominoes or chains too short to reach the basket, there was something to pull your hair out. Overtaken by Alexandra, Inès, Naoil, Régis and Moussa, Eric did not make the weight and left the adventure, disappointed.

Claude, untouchable and holder of the black ball

The traditional advice remained, to say the least, undecided, the former yellows now being forced to vote against one of their own. Claude, untouchable and holder of the black ball transmitted by Jessica during his elimination, took pleasure in making his opponents doubt. Hinting that he would not be voting against Régis, he finally turned his two votes against him. The forty-something Yonne will therefore not advance to the final.

Régis: we can only kneel before Claude

Claude who votes twice against Régis
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Surprised, he regretted a "betrayal" on the part of Claude. The latter preferred to remind him of his repeated manipulations, a barely veiled allusion to the recent eliminations of Jessica and Teheiura.