Many couples work out together in gyms. Lovers may also add to social media images of goals achieved together and training in general. Those who squirm are often referred to as fitness couples.

Of the couples fitting the above description, the strongest of all may well be Blaine Sumner, who broke world strength records and her husband, Jessica LaCour, who was successful in figure-figure competitions. This American couple is downright threatened by brute force.

Sumner, 32, shook his powerlifting circles in March when he broke world records for the squat and bench press IPF at Arnold Sports Festival 2020.

Sumner squatted a dizzying 515 pounds, and 426 pounds rose from the bench. The combined result of the performances of 1296 kilos was also the union's new world record.

LaCour hardly pales for his spouse. When the 175-pound Sumner broke world records, his better half was on stage in the figure race for the same event.

Launched at 11th in a tough competition, LaCour expressed emotional gratitude to her nearly 36,000 Instagram followers for her husband, who had been supportive in the race and on the journey of life.

- You’ve done more than ever I can thank you for cooking to rub my feet and preparing me for the stage. I couldn’t ask for a better company for life or as a teammate!

The couple has not become inactive during the interest rate investigation, although gym opening hours have also been restricted in the United States.

A video clip released by LaCour in early May shows that Iron is still obeying him. Six repetitions A woman squatting at 120 pounds (265 pounds) receives sparring help from the best of the sport, i.e. her husband Blaine, on video.