U.S. administration officials say nuclear test with nuclear explosion will resume or talks US paper May 23 15:05

The U.S. leading paper, the Washington Post, reported that senior officials from the Trump administration had talked about whether to restart a nuclear test involving a nuclear explosion that had not been done for nearly 30 years last week.

The Washington Post in the U.S. reported in an electronic version yesterday that senior officials responsible for the security of the Trump administration have discussed whether or not to restart a nuclear test involving a nuclear explosion at a conference held this month. It was

According to the article, the meeting was inconclusive and one senior government official said that "the discussion is ongoing."

The Trump administration has claimed that Russia conducted an experiment involving a nuclear explosion last year, and is concerned about the possibility of a nuclear test by China.

The Washington Post also said government officials said that if the US resumed testing, it could be an advantage in putting Russia and China on negotiations for nuclear disarmament.

The United States conducted a subcritical nuclear test without a nuclear explosion last February, but since the underground nuclear test was conducted in 1992, no nuclear test with a nuclear explosion has been performed.

The US government has not yet made any formal comments on this article.