Biden's deputy candidate exposure

  A number of US media reported on the 21st that the Democratic Party ’s presumed presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden had invited his former opponent, Minnesota ’s federal senator Amy Klobutcher, as a candidate for a possible vice presidential candidate Team verification. Two other female members of Congress confirmed that they are undergoing verification.

  Biden previously announced that he will select a female as his deputy. Biden's campaign team is currently verifying multiple candidates, and no final decision has been made.

Data Map: On February 2, local time, Biden held a momentum in Iowa. China News Agency reporter Chen Meng Tongshe

【Multiple finalists】

  A senior campaign assistant for Biden told the CBS News Department that day that he was requesting information from Klobucher for verification. If the other party accepts the invitation, Biden ’s team will conduct a rigorous review of Klobucher ’s public and private life in the next few weeks, including her tax returns, public speeches, voting records, past emotional life and even potential scandals.

  Klobche announced his withdrawal and endorsed Biden a few hours before the start of a "Super Tuesday" party pre-election on March 2 this year, boosting the latter's election, and eventually becoming the Democratic Party's only presidential campaign. people. Biden once praised Klobucher for his performance in the debate and his contribution to winning Minnesota.

  "USA Today" reported that Klobucher has not yet announced whether to accept verification.

  However, the Federal Representative of Florida, Val Demings, and the Federal Senator of New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, have confirmed their verification. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said he had contacted the Biden team, but did not confirm whether a formal verification has begun.

  Stacy Abrams, who was originally expected to be the first African-American female governor in American history, Elizabeth Warren, a leader of the Democratic Progressive Party, and Susan Rice, former White House National Security Assistant Mentioned by the media.


  Biden confirmed in a Democratic qualifier debate in March that he would choose a woman as a deputy candidate, a potential Democratic vice presidential candidate. He later said that there were more than 10 women in the scope of consideration.

  CBS inferred that Biden's choice is expected to set the political "heading" of the American Democratic Party for the next few years. Considering that he is 77 years old and has never expressed any willingness, his deputy will be a strong competitor for the next two presidential elections. Biden previously said that the verification is expected to end in July.

  At present, there are 4 persons in charge of verification by the Biden team, and another 3 persons provide assistance. Biden seems to accept the proposal of former President Barack Obama, saying that he needs someone who is "like-minded" with him as a running mate.

  From the perspective of the ethnicity of potential candidates, Demings, Abrams and Rice are all of African descent. Other possible candidates include Latino and Asian.

  Judging from the electoral factors, Demings was the former Florida police chief and was one of the seven "managers" in the Congressional investigation against President Donald Trump's impeachment at the beginning of the year. Her constituency plays a key role in the "Battlefield State" Florida.

  Consider Klobcher and Whitmer are looking at the three Midwest "battlefield states" of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and strive for the support of the "swinging" constituencies in the suburbs. (Ocean) (Special Feature for Xinhua News Agency)