The face of meteorologist Anniina Valtonen is familiar to many television lovers. For more than a year now, Valtonen, 30, has entertained thousands, if not millions, of Finns by forecasting the weather on Yleisradio's channels every week.

The entertainer is probably the right choice of words in this context, as Valtonen has succeeded in charming Finns not only with his expertise, but also with his sunny personality.

- Especially so during the corona is a lot of people, who then broadcasts the message and put their prized, because I'm so good-humored. Many also wonder where I tear the energy from, Valtonen says with a laugh.

Valtonen ended up on television at a relatively young age. He became a so-called meteorologist familiar from television at the age of 22, when he started working on Nelonen's news broadcasts.

Meteorologist Anniina Valtonen can be seen on Yle's morning broadcast on TV1 on weekdays from 6.25. In the evening, weather broadcasts will come with news starting at 6pm and 8.30pm.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

When the work at Nelonen ended in 2015, a few years passed before Valtonen returned to television, this time to Yleisradio. He is still on that path.

- Yes, I am still a little excited before the broadcasts, and itching on the bottom of my stomach, but it only tells me that my work is important to me.

Before broadcasting, he always carefully plans the first sentence he is going to say.

- When I get it out of my mouth successfully, then the final broadcast goes as if by itself, he says.

Valtonen is used to seeing on television in brightly colored clothes and a smile on his face. This is a conscious choice for a young meteorologist. He says he wants to break the stereotypes that experts in different fields should fit into a certain, pre-determined mold.

- I want to consciously point out that an expert can be happy, an expert can have a sense of humor and she can be a young woman. An expert can wear jeans and sneakers or those colorful clothes, Valtonen lists.

“I want to consciously point out that an expert can be happy,” the meteorologist reminds.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen

- We're all different. Meteorologists also find it suitable for everyone. Then, when I started Yle I deliberately tried a little and tested different ways to tell the weather, he says with a laugh.

In addition to television work, Valtonen is busy working in the Finnish Meteorological Institute's weather emergency service. On broadcasting, he spends about two days a week, the days being largely spent preparing for broadcasts.

However, according to Valtonen, the work of a television meteorologist also includes a lot of things that are not always conveyed to home sofas.

- Weather forecasting is a craft, and forecasts are not completed in an instant. Many may not know that we make the weather maps seen in broadcasts, for example, entirely ourselves. On the other hand, it is a good thing, because then you get so caught up in the subject and you have to be properly acquainted with the weather that the broadcasts themselves are easier. Namely, we do not use prompts at all, for example, Valtonen reveals.

- My own goal is to be able to tell people about the weather of the day as if it were a story. When I make a weather forecast story, it will probably be better remembered by viewers, he says.

Anniina Valtonen, now 30, became a familiar meteorologist on television at the age of 22 on Nelonen's news broadcasts.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

Although Anniina Valtonen has only reached the age of 30, she has been working in meteorology for a decade.

Valtonen, who once dreamed of a career as a weather meteorologist, may have accidentally ended up on his current career path, but now he feels that he is in his dream profession - both as a meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute and as a television face familiar to millions of Finns.

- Someone who might hate to be in front of the camera could experience that these two jobs are like night and day. But I have always been a creative person, so in my own case work Yle complement the wonderful way the creative side of the Investigative day work now, Valtonen says happily.