The second largest car rental agency in the United States with a 102-year history, could not stand Corona 19 and filed for bankruptcy in the United States and Canada.

According to Associated Press, Hertz, a car rental company based in Florida, filed for bankruptcy protection with the Delaware Bankruptcy Court on the 22nd.

If the court decides that it is better to survive than to liquidate the company, and if it accepts the bankruptcy protection application, court proceedings will be started and the repayment of debts will be temporarily postponed to enter the rehabilitation process.

However, Hertz 'overseas branches such as Europe, Australia and New Zealand are not eligible for bankruptcy protection.

Hertz was unable to extend the repayment deadline for car lease until this day and filed for bankruptcy protection.

As of the end of March, Hertz had $ 1 billion in cash available (about 1.22 trillion won), but debts amounted to $ 17.8 billion (about 23.97 trillion won).

In the middle of March, the Corona 19 blockade began and travel was banned, so Hertz lost all of its income.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)