U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier virtually stopped due to mass infection Return to duty on May 22, 9:26

For the US Navy's nuclear aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt", which had been virtually inactive due to the effect of the new coronavirus outbreak, the Pentagon will conduct training on the ocean necessary for redeployment in about two weeks. At the end, he announced his plans to return to his mission in the Pacific.

`` Theodore Roosevelt '', which was anchored in Guam after more than 1100 crew members were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, on the 21st to enter the training of the ship-based aircraft necessary for the redeployment of the aircraft carrier I left Guam for the first time in about two months.

According to a Pentagon spokesman Hoffman, who spoke on the 21st, the aircraft carrier returned to Guam after training from 10 days to about two weeks, returned to Guam, and loaded with soldiers recovered from the new coronavirus, and on the mission in the Pacific. It is a plan to return.

Regarding Theodore Roosevelt, some say that returning to the mission will shorten the deployment period in the Pacific, but spokesman Hoffman said, "There is no change in the mission at this time". He stated that he had no impact.

With the outbreak of "Theodore Roosevelt", the Pentagon keeps the Chinese army active in mind because the aircraft carrier that can be deployed immediately in the Asia-Pacific region is virtually absent. We are rushing to rebuild the aircraft carrier posture.