The Supreme Court has agreed this Friday to ask the Congress of Deputies for authorization to continue the investigation against the deputy and spokesperson in the Chamber of Junts for Catalonia Laura Borràs , who in December opened a case for prevarication, fraud to the Administration, embezzlement of public flows and documentary falsehood . The crimes would have been committed while Borràs was the director of the Catalan Institutes of Lletres (ILC).

The petition is accompanied by a reasoned statement by the instructor of the case, the magistrate Eduardo de Porres . This magistrate summoned Borràs on February 14 to voluntarily declare as investigated, a possibility offered by the law. The deputy chose not to attend the summons, which prompted the instructor to agree to request the request to advance the cause.

The investigation of the Supreme Court was opened at the proposal of the Investigating Court number 9 of Barcelona, ​​which was the one that detected the possible commission of crimes by the graduate. The Supreme Court then stressed that the facts described in the reasoned statement sent by the Court "could be constitutive of crimes of prevarication, fraud against the Administration, embezzlement of public funds and documentary falsification." The court extended its jurisdiction, in addition to Borràs, to the investigated Isaías Herrero .

According to the investigation of a court in Barcelona, ​​which is included in the reasoned statement by magistrate Eduardo de Porres addressed to Congress, there are rational indications that during the years 2013 to 2017, the Institución de les Lletres Catalanes awarded 18 minor contracts for the total amount from 259,863 euros, directly or indirectly through companies, to Isaías Herrero, with whom Borràs, then director of the Institute, maintained a friendly relationship. Borrás and Herrero would have acted in common agreement through the illegal division of these contracts and the falsification of the budgets presented in each of the files, simulating the participation of independent third parties.

The president of the Criminal Chamber, Manuel Marchena , has addressed an official letter to the president of the Supreme Court, Carlos Lesmes , so that he can transfer the request to the president of the Congress of Deputies.

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