Re-entry of foreigners Humanitarian consideration Consider permit if necessary Foreign Minister Mogi May 22 15:25

Foreign Minister Mogi said that, in principle, foreign nationals who have a living base in Japan are also denied re-entry due to the government's refusal to enter the country as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus. I have shown the idea to consider in the direction of explicitly allowing it when necessary.

As a measure against the borderline of the new coronavirus, the government is currently taking measures to refuse the entry of foreigners from 100 countries and regions, and even foreigners who have a basis of life in Japan, once returning to their home countries, In principle, re-entry into Japan is not permitted unless there are special circumstances.

At the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, independent member Kazunori Inoue said that a Korean man living in Japan abandoned his return to Japan after his mother in Korea died, but was not recognized as "special circumstances". He mentioned that NHK should report, and stipulate that an exception allowing re-entry should be specified.

On the other hand, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Legal Affairs Miyazaki said, "It is difficult to clearly state in advance if special circumstances are recognized. If there is a consultation, we will listen to the specific circumstances and make an appropriate decision." It was

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Mogi said, "In the future, due to special circumstances, humanitarian reasons should be carefully considered. The Ministry of Justice should consider how to specify it. Those who need humanitarian consideration are allowed. I'm thinking about doing it. "