NATO asks Russia to fully implement territorial air opening treaty Concerns about the US May 23, 8:14

In response to the United States' decision to leave the "Air Force Open Treaty," which was concluded with Russia and other countries in order to ensure the transparency of military activities, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) held an urgent meeting, causing the Russian side to Demanded full implementation of the Convention. On the other hand, European countries are also concerned about the US decision, and it is likely that they will work to review the decision.

US Secretary of State Pompeio announced on the 21st that he will leave the "Air Force Opening Treaty", which allows the US, Russia, and European countries to mutually recognize reconnaissance aircraft flying in order to verify disarmament.

In response, NATO held an emergency meeting on the 22nd to discuss the response, after which Secretary-General Stoltenberg said, "Russia only adheres selectively, such as restricting flights on some territories. , The treaty is closed, "and called on Russia to fully implement the treaty.

Meanwhile, European countries, such as France and Germany, have announced a joint statement on the US decision, saying "I share my concerns about Russia, but regret expressing my intention to leave."

European countries say that the treaty has increased the security of the region, and as the United States and Russia deepen the conflict, they are feeling a sense of crisis about the expiry of the treaty, and it seems that they will also encourage the United States to review the decision. .