• Skip parade June 2: Mattarella a Milite unknown with High offices


May 22, 2020 It is confirmed that this year, due to Coronavirus, on June 2 there will be no traditional military parade at the Imperial Forums in Rome on the occasion of the 74th Republic Day. But there will also be an event: the 'Giro d'Italia' of the Frecce tricolori.

In fact, the National Acrobatic Patrol (PAN) will perform a series of flyovers, touching all the Italian regions and symbolically embracing the whole nation with tricolor fumes as a sign of unity, solidarity and recovery.

Starting from May 25, the PAN will take off from Rivolto, home of the Frecce tricolori, and will touch - within five days - all the regional capitals.

Among the cities that will be flown over, also Codogno, the first red area of ​​the health emergency that hit the country, and Loreto, where the homonymous sanctuary of the Madonna protector of the Blue Army is located. 2020 is, in fact, the jubilee year proclaimed by Pope Francis on the centenary of the proclamation of the Blessed Virgin of Loreto, "Patroness of the Aeronauts".

The Giro d'italia of the Frecce tricolori will symbolically end on June 2, with the overflight of Rome on the occasion of the Republic Day, the planes will carry the tricolor over the skies of the capital making some passages over the city during the ceremony of deposition of a crown of laurel at the Altare della Patria by the President of the Republic.

This is the detailed program: on May 25 Trento, Codogno, Milan, Turin, Aosta; on the 26th Genoa, Florence, Perugia, L'Aquila; on the 27th Cagliari and Palermo; on the 28th Catanzaro, Bari, Potenza, Naples and Campobasso; on the 29th Loreto, Ancona, Bologna, Venice and Trieste. June 2nd in Rome.