The rare bottlenose dolphins seen on Wednesday in front of Taalintehdas in the western Gulf of Finland have become several new sightings.

- We were driving a small boat towards Taalintehdas when we noticed a movement in the water ahead, which came along the fairway towards us. When we got closer, they looked like dolphins, says Mika Korpela from Salo.

The clock was a quarter to nine in the morning, the water level almost calm. Marine mammals that came to the surface to breathe were easy to spot from a distance.

The shortest distance between the boat and a rare alien species was about 50 meters.

- There were three of them, one of which swam farther and two quite close. We drove closer to the boat, we photographed them for a while, but we didn’t quite catch that they wouldn’t be disturbed.

The distance to the beach was about 300 meters. Korpea characterizes the encounter as a great experience.

- You won't experience this many times.

It is known that the species was first found in Finnish waters in 1905, even then in the same direction, ie in the waters of Ekenäs. The previous finding is 70 years old.

Korpela and his friend had left the nearby Salo Navigation Society Island for shopping on Yanmar's 425 R boat at Taalintehdas. At the stern of the boat was a 40-horsepower Suzuki outboard engine. It walked lightly next to the dolphins.

- I would say the speed was about eight knots (15 km / h) when they swam next to each other.

Bottlenose dolphins are a common species in the oceans, but are less commonly seen in the Baltic Sea. It is known that the visit of the individuals now observed is the third time in Finnish territorial waters.

Korpela thinks they have enough food.

- The waters are clear and herring should be in these waters just fine.

After a moment of meeting, the dolphins went swimming in Hanko, Korpela drove with her friend to the port of Taalintehdas. A video clip on a cell phone was remembered for a rare encounter on the waters.

  • Watch the video as the main picture of the story.

Janne Vehviläinen, who lives right next to Taalintehdas, also saw rare visitors in the morning. Vehviläinen had read about dolphins in the magazine and set off on his boat to see if they could still be seen. It wasn’t long before three bottlenose dolphins appeared in sight.

Photo: Janne Vehviläinen / Reader's photo

- Their swimming could be watched closer and farther for almost 40 minutes. Sometimes they were 6–7 meters from the boat, Vehviläinen says.

He also thought seeing dolphins was a wonderful experience.

- At first, I didn't believe the news that there were dolphins bouncing in the water here. It was a great experience.

According to Vehviläinen, one of the dolphins is darker than the other two. He estimates the dolphin is about 3 feet tall.

Photo: Janne Vehviläinen / Reader's photo

Vehviläinen emphasizes that he stayed in place on the boat and as far away from the dolphins as possible so that they could be at peace. The dolphins themselves swam next to each other.

- Now it is hoped that they will be allowed to be at peace, he reminds.

- Let's hope they enjoy themselves here and don't get caught in any nets. The locals have already hoped that the nets would be kept out of the area.