Many Turks believe that there are two main things to make the perfect Turkish coffee, by adopting the right technology and attending to passion. Even if you lack expertise, you can make excellent coffee with the right technology.

According to the Turkish newspaper, Hurriyet, the history of Turkish coffee is much older than the history of the country's first coffee shop, which opened in Istanbul in 1554. For this reason, Turkish coffee has been included in the list of intangible World Heritage for UNESCO.

 How to make Turkish coffee

The newspaper stated that if you want to follow the traditional method of preparing coffee, you should use coffee beans from Yemen or Ethiopia, knowing that all "Arabica" beans are appropriate as well.

It is important to grind the coffee directly before preparing and obtain a powder similar to lime powder, and this is possible with a Turkish hand grinder, although it requires a little patience when stirring. And any good espresso machine can ground fine coffee beans.

Rakwa is filled with four cups of cold water, with the addition of three or four teaspoons of sugar to the water, without stirring, then put on the fire. Once the water is boiled, remove the knead from the stove and add four teaspoons of coffee powder to the water and stir the mixture well.

The rag is placed on the stove again, and as soon as the coffee boils, you must lift it, and the surface can be gently stirred with a small spoon to get rid of the large foam bubbles, but the coffee drink should not be moved completely inside the raku. After you're done, put the knee cap on the stove again and boil it twice.

Thus, the coffee is ready, and you can wait 30 seconds before pouring it into the cup.