Former Vice President Biden criticizes racism for radio show remarks May 23, 8:25

Former Vice President Biden, who has secured nominations for the opposition and Democratic parties in the US presidential election, said on the radio program, `` It is not a black person who is wondering whether to support me or Trump '', and the Trump camp and supporters There are criticisms that it is racist remarks centered on people.

Former Vice President Biden appeared on a popular radio program centered around black young people on the 22nd, and a video of the interview was published online.

At the end of the interview, a black personality often wanted to ask, so he asked him to appear again, but Mr. Biden said, "I still have questions, but hesitate to support me or Trump. Then I'm not black. "

When the personality argued, "This has nothing to do with President Trump," Mr. Biden argued that he had been doing his best for the blacks.

During that time, he sometimes talked with a smile, and it seems that Mr. Biden jokingly emphasized that the support from the black people was strong, but mainly on the camp and the supporters of President Trump. Has been criticized as saying, "It is a racist remark."

Mr. Biden later acknowledged his improper remarks and apologized, but in the form of providing the Trump camp with a good attack material, Biden's frequent and controversial affirmations, It seems that the light mouth may affect the election campaign.