Posti said in a press release today, Friday, that the number of parcels it carried has grown to record highs due to the current state of emergency.

Finns have already had a couple of months to sit at home and browse the selections of online stores - which fashion stores are now being ordered?

Handbags and underwear are of interest

- In our online store, Marimekko is in full swing in the area of ​​women's fashion. Marimekko's bags in particular are now selling really well, but the clothes are also moving, Päivi Juntunen, Development Director of SOK's department store and specialty store, tells MyStyle.

According to Juntunen, underwear is constantly in Sokos' TOP products. The best-selling brand is Sloggi.

Handbags and wallets have been sold more compared to other product groups.

- They definitely want to pamper themselves during an exceptional time, Juntunen comments in the press release.

The Gratha bag is Marimekko's most purchased bag in Sokos' online store. 165 €.

Photo: Marimekko

Slogg's most purchased underwear in Sokos' online store is the Zero Feel Lace Bralette. € 34.99.

Photo: Sokos

Hoodies and chinos are bought for men

Casual clothes and sneakers sell well. According to Juntunen, backpacks have also clearly increased in popularity this spring.

- The number of customers in the stores dropped significantly this spring, but we were successful in the online store. E-commerce sales were up to ten times higher than last year during the spring campaign, Juntunen says in a press release.

Men's clothing emphasizes the emphasis on leisure and ease. Men buy and men buy t-shirts, hoodies, jeans and chinos.

- We have gained a lot of new customers in the online store and sales have grown at a record pace. The order has more products than before the corona, Juntunen commented to MyStyle.

Bathrobes from the market

Prisma buys nightwear and bathrobes. The sales of the hypermarket's online store have been up to 16 times compared to last year.

- Although the total sales of Prisms' clothing have lagged behind last year's level, sales of nightwear and bathrobes have increased. Sales of women’s bathrobes in particular have grown significantly during exceptional times, by 50 percent. Buying clothes from our online store has also been lively in the spring, says Päivi Hole, S Group's retail clothing selection director.

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Finns now order more from Swedish online stores than ever before

Posti's May release, on the other hand, announced that the online fashion stores of the neighboring country are even more interesting than before.

- Now, during the state of emergency, our parcel traffic from Sweden to Finland has increased by more than 40 percent compared to last year, says Sami Finne, Posti's Director of International E-Commerce Services.

Finne lists attractive brands, wide selections and fast deliveries to Finland as the driving forces of online shopping in the neighboring country. Popular Swedish online stores include children's store Jollyroom, fashion giant H&M and sportswear store Sportamore.

- Swedish Online Stores have activated Finnish consumers well through campaigns, which is also reflected in volumes. There are now large fluctuations in the sales of online stores, some of which have seen very strong growth. Some retailers offer free shipping, and the number of home deliveries has increased significantly compared to the previous year, Finne says.

Here are the slack pants that Finns prefer

MyStyle, one of Europe's largest fashion online stores Zalando, is told that the exceptional spring has increased the demand for comfortable living.

- Finnish customers are now happy to buy black leggings, sports jerseys and tracksuits from Zalando's women's selection. The men's selection includes multipack products, underwear, socks and sneakers. Demand for children's and babies' clothing has grown steadily, for example in comfortable leotards and tracksuits.

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Zalando listed three popular women's products for MyStyle. One of them is these Nike tracksuit, € 44.95.

Photo: Zalando

Adidas Originals leggings € 29.95.

Photo: Zalando

Nike Performance One-Leotard € 44.95.

Photo: Zalando

Men’s favorite products include Calvin Klein boxers, Happy Socks socks and Vans classic sneakers. Boxer pack € 44.95.

Photo: Zalando

Happy Socks 2-pack socks € 19.95.

Photo: Zalando

Vans Old Skool sneakers € 74.95.

Photo: Zalando

Many order sportswear now for the first time

Finns still prefer the same brands in the online store selling products of many different brands as before. A Finnish customer buys from Zalando from Adida, Nike and Levi. Domestic Marimekko, Makia, Reima and Mainio also sell.

- Sales of clothing and accessories designed especially for running and fitness sports have increased. Zalando-wide sales of yoga clothing have doubled compared to the same period last year.

In addition, the number of customers buying sporting goods from Zalando for the first time has doubled compared to last year.

- Right now, our customers are especially looking for tights, hoodies and bikinis. All of these have been applied for more than usual at this time of year, Zalando says.