Executive SDF officer dispatched to South Sudan PKO decided to extend the dispatch period by one year 12:29 on May 22

Regarding the SDF officer dispatched as a commander of the UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan, the government decided on a 22-hour round-robin cabinet to extend the dispatch period by one year.

From 2012 to 2017, the government dispatched facility units of the Ground Self-Defense Force to the United Nations peacekeeping operations in South Sudan. Are dispatched.

With regard to PKO activities, the UN Security Council extended the period until March 15th next year, and the government decided to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces until May 31st next year at a rotating cabinet on 22nd. I decided to extend it for one year.

Japan currently dispatches SDF personnel to UN peacekeeping operations only in South Sudan.

Regarding the local situation, the capital, Juba, where the command center is located, is basically calm, and the "PKO Participation Five Principles", which is the prerequisite for dispatching the Self-Defense Forces, is maintained.

Defense Minister Kono said at a press conference, "I believe that firmly supporting the stability of South Sudan will lead to the stability of the entire region, so I would like the personnel of the headquarters to do their best."