Familiar with billions of smartphones, Android was originally intended for digital cameras. This grain of information is provided by the Android Authority, which borrows Android father Andy Rubin from 2013. That’s when he said Android was supposed to be made a platform for cameras, and was meant to allow images and videos to be stored online instead of the camera itself.

However, the idea was not of interest to investors, so Rubin and his team found a new target: smartphones. Google, which bought Android in 2005, was found as a partner.

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Android also has some roots in Finland, as the operating system is based on Linux. This open source operating system was created by Linus Torvalds from Finland. Ironically, Android also largely destroyed Nokia's dominance in smartphones and prevented the Finnish brand from getting back on its feet, even with the help of Microsoft.

The Android Authority is playing with the idea if Android had really ended up as an operating system for cameras. Would Nokia's Symbian operating system have evolved to meet the needs of new phones and remained a major gambler? Or would Microsoft have gained a solid foothold in smartphones with its Windows Phone operating system and Nokia phones that have used it?

The circle can also be seen closed so that today almost all Android phones have a camera.