Two of Bolsonaro's sons, including the politicians, appear in two different legal investigations. The president and the sons have called the investigations politically motivated.

In the video recording, Bolsonaro says that if it is not possible to replace a certain person within the judicial system, then the head of the person in question is replaced. If this is not possible either, you will replace a minister, the president notes in the recording.

Investigated by HD

The Supreme Court is investigating the president for suspicions of political involvement in the work of the federal police.

In late April, Bolsonaro dismissed Chief of Police Maurício Valeixo and nominated family friend Alexandre Ramagem as new federal police chief. It prompted the country's Justice Minister Sérgio Moro to resign in protest and make accusations against the president about political involvement in the work of the federal police.

The appointment of Ramagem was put on ice, following a decision by the Supreme Court, because of the link with the Bolsonaro family.