The NS thinks that it will take five years before the rail company will transport the same number of passengers again, as before the corona crisis. That says the NS on Friday in NRC. The company anticipates a loss of 4.7 billion euros in income in the coming years.

The NS will shrink due to the loss of income. The NS wants to absorb the shrinkage through natural wastage. The rail company hopes to save 1.4 billion euros in the next five years.

Bert Groenewegen, financial director of the NS, tells NRC that no layoffs are taking place for the time being. According to him, government support is necessary. "Our starting point is to get smaller without being made redundant. That requires us to talk to employees about new functions or locations. We will discuss this with the unions and the employee participation bodies," says Groenewegen. Twenty thousand NS employees were informed by the Executive Board earlier this week, NRC writes .

Since mid-March, the number of daily travelers has decreased from 1.3 million to 110,000, a decrease of about 90 percent. As of Tuesday 2 June, the NS will again run according to normal services, but with a passenger capacity of up to 40 percent. This is necessary so that corona measures can be better observed.

The company is expected to lose income for years to come as a result of the corona crisis. Groenewegen thinks that in 2021 there will be a passenger capacity of up to 50 percent, because there will be fewer travelers because of the economic crisis, working from home and distance education.

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