Hans van der Vlist, the head of the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD), has left immediately. FTM states that he did this at the request of the top of the Ministry of Finance. Van der Vlist was one of the main people responsible for the allowance affair.

Van der Vlist announced his departure in an email to all FIOD employees.

"I have had no involvement, science or direct responsibility in handling Surcharges," stressed the CEO, according to Follow the Money in his farewell email. "However, with regard to the criminal-law approach to Allowances with a judicial test. As far as I know, there is no discussion about the latter. Nevertheless, I was asked this morning to step down as General Director of the FIOD."

According to FTM , the departure of Van der Vlist has caused a lot of commotion among the staff of the FIOD. The Treasury Department would not respond to the message. "We never go into individual cases," said a spokesman.

Departure is related to a declaration against the tax authorities

The departure is related to the declaration that the Ministry of Finance made on Tuesday against the tax authorities because of the role of the service in the allowance affair.

It is suspected that there has been professional discrimination and gagging. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) investigates the declaration. Gagging is when an official abuses his position and wrongly reclaims or fails to return money when he knows it is wrong.

The declaration is aimed at those responsible for the controversial fraud approach of Combiteam Approach Facilitators (CAF) and the Supplements department in the period from 2013 to 2017.

Thousands of parents were wrongly profiled ethnically

In November last year, the House of Representatives asked then-Secretary of State Menno Snel to conduct a criminal investigation against tax officials.

The allowance affair revolves around the actions of the tax authorities, who victimized parents by wrongfully stopping the childcare allowance. Several investigations by Trouw and RTL Nieuws showed that hundreds of parents were wrongly classified as fraudsters. The top of the tax authorities even refused to pay the allowances if parents were entitled to them.

Victims had to pay back tens of thousands of euros, lost their homes and relationships broke down. Recently, the Tax and Customs Administration acknowledged that it was guilty of ethnic profiling by using the second nationality as a criterion for intensive checks.

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