Summer 2020: European tourists mistreated by a lack of coordination between states

On a beach in Thessaloniki, Greece, May 17, 2020. REUTERS / Murad Sezer

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As the summer tourist season approaches, some EU member states are preparing to open their borders to allow tourists to move freely. An opening that is done out of order, despite France's calls for greater coordination. 


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The reopening of the borders of European countries is done in a certain cacophony. Italy announced a reopening on June 3 to European tourists, its economy very much dependent on the tourism sector. Spain plans to open its borders towards the end of June.

Greece, for its part, has decided to open its infrastructure for the summer season on June 15, while air traffic with foreign countries will gradually resume from July 1.

Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic also plan to open the borders in mid-June. A situation that worries France and the European Commission, which call for more consultation on the subject. Indeed, Paris wants to avoid having a Europe at multiple speeds and wants a gradual reopening of internal borders around June 15. 

Reopening the borders is vital for the economies of the Member States. Tourism represents 10% of the European Union's gross domestic product and 12% of jobs.

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