China News Service, Beijing, May 21 (Yan Jiao) "Follow Liang's shopkeeper, there are all specialties in Longnan. The family members are concerned, and the little red heart floats." After a year of exploration, Liang Qianjuan was slightly shy. The farmer "e-commerce girl" turned into a mountain anchor "beam shopkeeper" who actively "seeked attention", and conveyed the voice of the mountain to the outside of the mountain.

  Liang Qianjuan, 34, was born in a remote town deep in the mountains of Longnan City, Gansu Province. Because his hometown is in the throat of Bashu, it is "difficult to go to the blue sky" when traveling, so that local fresh agricultural products have been "trapped in the mountains" for many years. Many high-quality walnuts, apples and other unpurchased "rotten in the ground."

  Forced to get rich in the deep mountains, in 2007, 21-year-old Liang Qianjuan, like most young people at that time, embarked on the road to work in the mountains and hoped to "set up in a foreign country". In 2012, the accidental return to home made her decide to stay, build, and feed her hometown.

The picture shows the National People's Congress representative Liang Qianjuan live broadcast of Longnan City agricultural products. (Data Map) Photo by Yan Jiao

  Longnan City had the idea of ​​developing e-commerce in 2012, and the second year officially opened the prelude to using e-commerce to promote targeted poverty alleviation. In 2014, the city became a pilot city for e-commerce poverty alleviation by the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office. The local government vigorously promotes the development of e-commerce and attracts entrepreneurs who return to their hometowns to invest in venture capital. Taking this opportunity, Liang Qianjuan became the first batch of online shop owners.

  From taking the bus to the county town to sell the mother's oil-spoiled hot peppers, to opening an online store to express tens of thousands of pounds of pecans, soil honey, wild mountain mushrooms, etc., and now live broadcasts with millions of dollars in one hour. The rise of the "Longnan Model" has also accumulated its own "way to bring goods".

  On the eve of the National People's Congress held this year, Liang Qianjuan, a deputy to the National People's Congress, accepted an interview with a reporter from China News. She said that in recent years, Longnan e-commerce has gone from scratch, from weak to strong, from traditional e-commerce to new media e-commerce, to this year's live broadcast e-commerce, agricultural products of rural people have really come out of the mountain. . Especially during this time, the official live broadcast brought the goods with explosive power. Some live broadcasts took less than one hour and the sales reached several million.

The picture shows high-quality walnuts in Chengxian County, Longnan City. (Information) Li Dongshe

  A few days ago, Liang Qianjuan used online video platforms to solicit suggestions from netizens about poverty alleviation by e-commerce, rural revitalization, and deep processing of agricultural products. She also mentioned that she would advise the country to increase the training and cultivation of e-commerce talents and support migrant workers to return to their hometowns to start e-commerce businesses.

  Download short video live broadcast software, register an account, learn online languages, and insist on daily live broadcast ... Liang Qianjuan step by step teaches the experience to the three generations of beekeeping families who are willing to live broadcast and bring goods. She told him that in the past, foreign merchants came to transport honey, but many people could not come because of the epidemic. In this case, beekeepers can sit in the bee factory and sell honey through live broadcast.

  "If the live broadcast can participate with all employees, there is no need to worry about agricultural products." Liang Qianjuan said that in the year of resolute poverty alleviation, I hope that e-commerce can lead more people to employment, let more agricultural products go out, and help farmers increase their income Really help farmers increase income. (Finish)