Several universities, including in Gothenburg and Malmö, have decided to conduct distance education as well in the autumn term. Blekinge Institute of Technology has not yet made a decision on how long distance studies will continue, but the university plans to continue on the same track, according to Rector Mats Viberg.

- We will decide to plan for continued distance education, but to open up some elements, critical things that are difficult to move out and that can be done in small groups, he says.

May need to change decisions

At the beginning of next week, the university will make a decision about how distance education should continue, but Mats Viberg believes that even if the university makes a decision, it can change - if new recommendations are made.

- Should the situation be normalized, then we must move in again and we can do that with a couple of weeks notice, says Mats Viberg.

Digital teaching

Because of the pandemic, there is a risk that the university will lose students, he believes, especially internationally.

- For international students, digital education applies for the first time. We do not expect at least overseas students to be able to travel here, says Mats Viberg.

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