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The partisan hymn "Bella Ciao" (Goodbye, beautiful) has resonated in several Turkish mosques through the system used to call to prayer for a computer attack that has led to political accusations and a police investigation in the middle of the religious period of Ramadan.

"The sabotage was carried out by unknown persons who accessed the central system of the" adhan "(call to prayer). The problem has been directed to the judicial authorities and a criminal complaint has been processed," the religious affairs office of the Izmir city.

The sound system of several minarets in the city began to reproduce around 14:00 GMT on Wednesday, shortly before the third call to the prayer of the day, the theme Bella Ciao, symbol of Italian resistance to fascism during World War II, reproduced recently on television for the Spanish series La Casa de Papel.

The unexpected song broadcast was recorded and uploaded to social media by many residents of Smyrna, making the event a viral phenomenon throughout Turkey.

In fact, the Office of the Prosecutor has opened an investigation for "degrading religious values ​​in public" against those who have shared the event in networks.

The incident has also sparked a political clash between the Izmir City Council, ruled by the Social Democrat CHP, and the Islamist AKP party, which has ruled Turkey with an absolute majority since 2002.

"Playing music from mosques saddened us because it happened during the holy month of Ramadan as we prepared to celebrate its end," said Izmir Mayor Tunç Soyer.

Since the AKP, however, the mayor's office has been accused of inciting hackers to put the song on because Soyer publicly stated that he liked the partisan anthem , something the mayor has denied.

"This act is an open provocation to create confrontation at a time when we need solidarity," said the councilman.

A similar incident occurred in 2017, when hackers broadcast a pornographic film from the loudspeakers of a minaret in Kastamonu, a Black Sea city.

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