The first point Andreas Utterström points out is Donald Trump's attitude.

- He still acts like it's a campaign, he's just like he always has been, he doesn't take shit from mainstream media and he always goes to attack. That's exactly how he was elected and that's just so I think he thinks he should be elected again, says Andreas Utterström.

He says the president is still very popular in the Republican Party.

- I don't think you should underestimate that people chose Donald Trump because they wanted something completely different and if it is his primary election promise then I would like to say that few presidents have delivered like him.

"Made things that voters like"

In addition to the president's attitude, he lists the economy and the corona pandemic, but also how well the election promises from the last election have been fulfilled.

- There has been no wall, he has not abolished Obamacare, but on the other hand he has got two judges to the Supreme Court who were on a list he presented, they have withdrawn from the climate agreement and he has lowered the tax. He has done a lot of things that the voters like, says Andreas Utterström.

"Joe Biden has not been himself"

He also points out that the attacks against Democrat Joe Biden have been effective.

- Joe Biden has not been himself in these debates so far. It's like he's still walking on the tree switch and he continues that way during the important debates against Donald Trump, then there is the risk that voters will sit and wonder if he really has what it takes to become president.

Will it be the dirtiest election campaign ever?

- It depends on how Joe Biden deals with this, will he say "come on, man" and start talking about something else, or will he go to counter-attack? It is still an open question.