“The line of Kiev towards confrontation and escalation of tension in relations with Russia remains unshakable. In Ukraine, the struggle continues with everything that somehow connects our peoples. The attack on the Russian language and culture does not stop, the common history is distorted, Nazism is heroized, memorials to Soviet soldiers are defiled, ”the Foreign Ministry said.

The department noted that “it would not be surprising if at the end of the presidency of V.A. Zelensky in Ukraine books of Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky and Gogol would be burned, the monuments to the great figures of Russia and Ukraine who contributed to the joint culture should be destroyed.”

They added to the Foreign Ministry that “Russophobia is getting a new breath in Ukraine” and is being elevated to the rank of state policy.

May 20 marks the year since the assumption of Vladimir Zelensky as president of Ukraine. Read more about the Zelensky presidency in RT.